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Thesis Topics

If you are interested in writing your master thesis in our working group you are welcome to contact us. In addition to the listed topics, we also offer many other topics and are open to suggestions from you.

Internal Courses

Study Programmes
Bachelor courses

GEO.06486Grundlagen der Angewandten Geologie I (5 ECTS, BSc3, WS)
GEO.06492Grundlagen der Angewandten Geologie II (5 ECTS, BSc3, WS)
GEO.06488 Spezielle Methoden der Angewandten Geologie (5 ECTS, BSc4, SS)
AGE.00188FSQ Geländemethoden (10 ECTS, BSc4, SS)
GEO.05974 Geoökologie und Monitoring (5 ECTS, BSc4, SS)
GEO.00232 Geophysikalische Methoden (5 ECTS, BSc4, SS)
GEO.07105Labor- und Feldmethoden der Angewandten Geologie (5 ECTS, BSc5, WS)
AGE.00135Landschaftshaushalt (5 ECTS, BSc5, WS)
GEO.05403Geostatistik und GIS (5 ECTS, BSc5, WS)
AGE.00144 Projektseminar Wasser, Boden, Pflanze (5 ECTS, BSc6, SS)
GEO.06489Berechnungsverfahren in der Angewandten Geologie (5 ECTS, BSc6, SS)

Master courses

GEO.05407Orientierungsmodul (5 ECTS, MSc1, WS)
GEO.07106Engineering geology I (5 ECTS, MSc1, WS)
GEO.05990Special mathematics for geoscientists (5 ECTS, MSc1, WS)
GEO.05993Deposit modelling (5 ECTS, MSc1, WS)
GEO.07101Hydrogeology (5 ECTS, MSc1-3, WS)
GEO.07106 Groundwater Management (5 ECTS, MSc1-3, WS)
GEO.07102Hydrochemical processes in groundwater (5 ECTS, MSc1-3, WS)
GEO.05989Numerical groundwater modelling (5 ECTS, MSc2, SS)
GEO.05991 Excursion and field course (5 ECTS, MSc2, SS)
GEO.07107Engineering geology II (5 ECTS, MSc2, SS)
GEO.07103Geothermal energy (5 ECTS, MSc3, WS)
AGE.06082/GEO.06496Project management in applied geology (5 ECTS, MSc3, WS)

Courses are linked to the search in the catalogue of MLU. Some courses may not be found in the catalogue, either because they have not yet been listed or they are not held in the current semester.

External Courses

  21.-22.11. and 28.11.-29.11.2020 | Applied Programming Course
      by Wolfgang Gossel @MLU Halle
This 4-days course held by Wolfgang Gossel is about programming with Python and OpenSource GIS in (applied) geosciences.

■  7.-8.11.2020 & 14.-15.11.2020 | International OpenSource GIS Training Course
      by Wolfgang Gossel @MLU Halle
Wolfgang Gossel gives a 4-days course about OpenSource GIS Tools for geoscientists.

■  09.-13.03.2020 | Hydrogeological Mapping
      by Wolfgang Gossel @FU Berlin

Wolfgang Gossel gives a 1-week course about mapping topics and techniques in hydrogeology.

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