Long Night of the Sciences 2022

01.07.2022 | Events offered by the Department of Applied Geology at the "Long Night of the Sciences" attracted great interest.

At this year’s Long Night of Science – after a two-year break – our department was very well represented and frequented: Maximilian Noethen and Jona Cochanski performed measurements on groundwater levels, on-site parameters of hydrochemistry and geothermal energy together with the visitors.

Juri Buchantschenko and André Eschenröder (Department of Geodynamics) cracked hard boulders and Christian Söllig explained to many interested “house builders” how geological engineering investigations are carried out before the start of construction.

The second floor was shared with the geodynamics department, where we presented the diverse investigations in the Egyptian desert, and the visitors were also very surprised about the diversity of groundwater biology and chemistry.

Down the corridor, Benedykt Pasek and Christoph Kicinski explained geological models of Halle’s subsurface as well as landslide modeling. Finally, a presentation was given by Wolfgang Gossel on the use of coupling hybrid modules of solar energy with geothermal energy.

All offers attracted a large number of visitors, more than 1000 people attended during the 7 hours of the event.

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