Monitoring campaign on groundwater temperature hotspots in Germany and Switzerland

16.05.-02.06.2022 | With David’s help, Maximilian was able to carry out field measurements at various locations in Germany and Switzerland. In Halle, Berlin, Cologne, Mannheim and Zurich, high-resolution groundwater temperature-depth profiles were logged in observation wells next to and in underground car parks. The collected data will be used to assess the influence of underground structures such as underground car parks on groundwater temperature. At the Aquadrom in Hockenheim, groundwater samples were collected, groundwater temperature measurements made and automatic temperature loggers installed. Through this extensive monitoring, insights can be gained into how the groundwater ecosystem reacts to a local groundwater temperature hotspot. We hope to gain a better understanding of the processes and impacts associated with subsurface warming through fieldwork at selected sites. We are receiving support from our cooperation partners, including the Stadtwerke Hockenheim and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where Maximilian had the opportunity to give a talk on “Local and regional case studies of anthropogenic groundwater warming” at the geological symposium as part of the measurement campaign.

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