Media response to study on underground car parks

A press release from MLU is followed by further news articles about our work.

The study, which was published this year under the leadership of our working group in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Basel, sheds light on the warming of groundwater caused by underground car parks.

Various news sites picked up on a press release from MLU and reported on the contents of the study in further articles. Maxi also gave a short interview for MDR.

Find the open access research article here:

Noethen, M., Hemmerle, H., Menberg, K., Epting, J., Benz, S. A., Blum, P., & Bayer, P. (2023). Thermal impact of underground car parks on urban groundwater. Science of The Total Environment, 166572.  

Click here for the MLU press release:

Study: Underground car parks heat up groundwater

MDR article with interview:

Uni Halle: Tiefgaragen erwärmen das Grundwasser

Selection of further press articles:

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