Applied Geology Workshop

18.7.-20.7.2022 | Over a two-day workshop, our working group fostered its collaboration with our colleagues from the Department of Engineering Geology of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

From 18.07. to 20.07. our working group organized an exchange workshop, which included the entire variety of our research topics. In seven blocks, members of the Applied Geology department of MLU and the Engineering Geology department of KIT presented their work in 15-minute talks, which were then thoroughly discussed.

Of course, the scientific program was accompanied by social gatherings; among others, by a float trip on the river Saale. While enjoying food and drinks, networking and exchange continued to be in the foreground.

We are pleased that the workshop was a great success and that we could identify many common aspects of our research activities! This was an excellent basis to further deepen our cooperation and we are looking forward to a repetition at KIT next year.

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